Winter Discussion Series
January 23rd – February 13th
Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm
Art Bar +Projects, 1873 Granville Street

This Winter, the MFA Forum will host a discussion series. The intention is to foster increased collaboration between faculty and graduate students, and to host an event for exploration, experimentation and discussion of a variety of topics within the University Community. The seating conguration during this event will be circular, and the public is invited to attend and participate. Conversations will pivot from a particular keyword chosen by participating groups, and will include readings, performances, discussions about studio work, other artists, etc.

January 23rd
Group Members: Phillip Kanwischer, Alex Lineld, Maddie Alexander, Drayden DeCosta, Merryn Tresidder, David Clark, Lelland Reed

January 30th
Group Members: Rachel Anzalone, Jacinte Armstrong, Katarina Marinic, Joseph Pesina, Xinting Hui, Gary Markle, Erika Walker

Group Members: Sarah MacCulloch, Jason Everitt, Louis-Charles Dionne, Suzie Cochrane, Anna Sprague

February 6th
Group Members: Aralia Maxwell, Benjamin Muriithi, Camille Valcourt-Synnott, Yang Guo, Becka Barker, Sara Hartland-Rowe,

Group Members: Cullen Bingeman, Morgan Melenka, Alicia Hunt, Alexis Gros-Louis, Amanda Gresik, Craig Leonard, Erika Mendritski

February 13th
Group Members: Chloe Kinsella, Alicia Proudfoot, Lisa Klakulak, Sage Sidley, Melanie Wilmink, April Mandrona, Bob Bean

Group Members: Suttie Mae, Emma Allain, Feiya She, Chongyin Yuan, Barbara Lounder, Thierry Delva, Rory MacDonald