At the Anna

The Anna Leonowens Gallery is thrilled to resume its roster of in-person exhibitions for the fall 2021 semester while adhering to NSCAD University’s COVID-19 guidelines. Please note: masks are required in the gallery and we can accommodate up to 46 visitors at one time.

The Anna is anticipating the possibility of line-ups for entry during opening receptions, so please come prepared. Not in Halifax? The Anna will be sharing works from these exhibitions on social media.

Anna Leonowens Gallery
1891 Granville Street, Halifax NS


December 7 – 18, 2021

Opening reception: Monday, 22 November, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Gallery 1: Portal; Sonia Chow

exploring access, storytelling, dreams
Interdisciplinary artist and designer Sonia Chow interrogates communication and codes, identity, tactile materials and processes. This installation sets the entry point for a series of ambiguous moments. Is this scene situated in the past, present or future? 

Gallery 2: Spectral Estates; Takashi Hilferink, MFA thesis exhibition

“Dubiously charming, experimentally-produced artworks available for sale or rent at well-maintained gallery on beautiful, historic property in downtown Halifax. Steps from celebrated art school, scenic waterfront and speculative opportunities. This exhibition offers a 1,012 sq. ft. therapeutic container in which to intensify your feelings and memories of home and family in safety.”

Gallery 3: A Fool Rushing In (where serpents fear to shed); Catriona Iozzo, undergraduate exhibitor

Iozzo aims to explore the poetic possibilities of textile materials and processes as they relate to physical and metaphorical zones of change and deterioration. Sewn, dyed, and felted works are produced from an interdisciplinary approach in efforts to create a lore for making, wearing, growing, and moulting.