Creative Entrepreneurship Lab’s Spring Webinar Series

The Creative Entrepreneurship Lab launched  free spring webinar series for artists, designers and makers.

These sessions were presented for students, alumni, members of the arts community, creative entrepreneurs – all those looking to upskill, brush up on current knowledge, or gain new insights.

Revisit the sessions below!

CEL Spring Webinar Sessions:

Business Ecosystem and Start-ups

Watch webinar from April 21, 2021 here.

In this workshop, learn how to

  • assess your business risk
  • manage your stakeholders
  • plan and execute your business strategies
  • evaluate advice and mentorship

Scott Ferguson
CEO, Co-founder of FMP Matrix and Senior Producer
Michael-Andreas Kuttner
VP, Technology of Immersive Cinema

Digital Marketing, Culture, and Creative Content

Watch webinar from Thursday, May 6, 2021 here.

When you start your creative enterprise, you will be wearing all the hats, from maker to marketer. Learn how to identify your target segments, develop your marketing strategy, and use high-impact content, online promotion, and social media to get the attention of the customers you need.


  • Anne- Mathilde Bilodeau, Digital Strategy, Arts, E-Commerce| Résidence Éditions
  • Michael Branchflower, Vice-President, Sales and Strategic Marketing, Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Creative Industries, Building Incubators, and Economic Development

Watch webinar from Thursday, May 13, 2021 here.

From getting funding to finding the right location, there is a lot to be learned about starting a business. It can be a lonely journey – but it does not have to be. Learn how a strategic partner, such as a business incubator, can help you in your endeavor and assist you in making better decisions for your business. Learn how a creator/maker can take advantage of specialized and adapted support networks for creative entrepreneurs.


  • Gregory Adolphe-Nazaire (Moderator)
  • Zev Farber, Director, The RBC Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers (OCAD)
  • Mercè Segú, Executive Director, Arts Directors Club of Europe

Stakeholders, Funding and Business Capacity Building

Watch webinar from Thursday, May 27, 2021 here.

Being able to analyze the ecosystem, develop a value proposition, or getting funding are vital steps to start and grow your business. Learn how to use a business canvas to better synthesize vital information on your venture. Find out how to use industry analysis, articulate a compelling value proposition for potential investors or other key stakeholders. Discover elements of business intelligence, different approaches to better navigate the bureaucracy, and the different types of supports out there for creative entrepreneurs.


  • Gregory Adolphe-Nazaire (Moderator)
  • Paul McGinn, Senior Manager – SME Incubation and Financing, CEED (the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development)
  • Chris Atwood, Executive Director, CBDC Blue Water
  • David Eisnor, Team Lead (Atlantic), Futurpreneur

How Cultural Differences Can Help Your Business Stand Out and Shine

Watch webinar from June 3, 2021.

The world has become “global village”. Nowadays, the possibilities for a creative entrepreneur to cater to different communities in all parts of the world are limitless. Be part of a conversation to learn how  entrepreneurs from culturally rich and diverse communities can surmount challenges and showcase their unique assets and contributions.


  • Kheira Morellon, Journalist, CBC Radio- Canada (Moderator)
  • Mark Bannerman, Executive Director, Office of Acadian Affairs and Francophonie
  • Sylvie Boisvert, Artist and Entrepreneur
  • Natalie Robichaud, Director, Société acadienne de Clare
  • Martin Theberge, President and Chairman, Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (FCCF)