Support the Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery

Invest in a Canadian first: The Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery at NSCAD, founded by Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Transatlantic Black Diasporic Art and Community Engagement.

Your commitment will help animate our institute by providing important funding for research fellows and other programming to complement our artists-in-residence for the coming academic year.

Dr. Charmaine Nelson. Photo: Charles Michael

Canada’s relationship to slavery has primarily been understood through the stories of the Underground Railroad while the 200-year history of enslaved people in what is now Canada has not been given the intellectual and social contemplation it so rightly deserves. Our institute through the work of research fellows and artists-in-residence will contribute to growing our understanding of the lives of enslaved people in Canada. Read the complete appeal here.

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