Thank you

Your generosity and commitment to NSCAD’s is amongst the University’s major assets. You know that gifts to the university can have a life-changing impact on NSCAD’s talented emerging artists, designers and craftspersons.

Thanks to you NSCAD can continue our rich tradition as a vibrant community of students, faculty and alumni. Your gift ensure NSCAD’s dedication to creating meaningful opportunities throughout the university and beyond, including the Anna Leonowens Gallery, the Library and Visiting Artists Program. In fact, our donors are vital to NSCAD’s ability to fulfill its core mission: providing the best possible conditions for the study, practice, research and teaching of art, craft and design.

Please reach out to us if you have questions or want to learn more about NSCAD University. If you would like more information about planned giving, major gifts, or donations to the Annual Giving campaign, contact:

Linda Hutchison
Associate Vice-President, University Relations
902 494 8244 telephone

Kara Holm
Director, Advancement
902 444 7215 telephone

Chris McFarlane
Manager, Stewardship and Advancement Services
902 494 8175 telephone
1 888 444 5989 toll-free (select option 4)

What’s it like to go to NSCAD University? Filmmaker Halley Davies spent many months creating this soaring little film capturing the NSCAD journey, from a high school student bravely showing her work to a professor at Portfolio Day to an alumnus at the opening of his solo exhibition held at a major private gallery. In order of appearance, this film features NSCAD students and alumni including Milli Webb, Gemma Leslie, Ryan Abrams, Philip Nuttall, Sydney McKenna, Toban Ralston, Habiba El Sayed, Jimy Sloan, Todd Saunders, Marcia Connolly, Andrea Rahal and Jenn Grant. Many thanks to Jenn Grant for the use of her song Hummingbird from the album Compostela.

  • One time at a donor reception this wonderful young girl came up, she handed me flowers and told me how important that support was, how it helped her through a troubled time... It was just really moving

    Kim Knoll Life Governor & Donor (J. Dukelow Bursary)
  • This has given me tremendous encouragement regarding my artistic pursuits … I have struggled with self-doubt and the fear of being unsuccessful. Receiving this acknowledgement is not only relieving some financial burdens but has given me hope as well.

    Cynthia Fraschetti BFA 2021
  • After I applied to NSCAD and realized I could not attend without a scholarship, the idea of my education there became dreamlike and unattainable. However, the recent news of my award created an entirely new reality for me.

    Felicity MacIsaac BFA 2021
  • This award will be incredibly helpful for me in the coming fall semester. I am grateful to have money to put toward purchasing supplies and to have more time to dedicate towards working in the studio instead of a part-time job. I feel so overwhelmingly touched to be recognized for my academics.

    Tyler Anderson BFA 2019
  • These awards aren’t as substantial as I’d like, but maybe they’ll give encouragement to the recipients, help them to be confident in their abilities, and that means the world to me.

    Rowland Marshall Life Fellow & Donor (Margó and Rowland Marshall Awards)
  • Joan’s (DeWolf) legacy will have a profound impact, attracting and supporting generations of graduate students to enroll in NSCAD’s Master’s programs, as well as younger artists who may not have the means to explore the world of art.

    Linda Hutchison Associate Vice-President, University Relations
  • Supporting the arts is something that is very important to us at Scotiabank and we truly believe we get more from the arts than we could ever give. We recognize the crucial role that the arts play in our lives by encouraging us to develop new perspectives and enrich our communities.

    Gordon Brost Scotiabank’s District Vice President, Southwest Nova Scotia
  • I cannot wait to be at school this fall and grow, not only as an artist, but as a person as well. Thank you for the gift of opportunity. I will use it to the best of my human ability. This scholarship means the world to me and I will make you proud.

    Graham Ross BFA 2019
  • This award makes a difference for me both financially and emotionally. To be recognized for my accomplishments is a boost to my confidence, as a student and an artist.

    Lindsay Jacquard BFA 2016
  • Neither of my parents knew much about art, but they saw with their own eyes how art could have a powerful effect on people, a transformative effect, starting with themselves. Robert’s art changed their lives and they used it to open doors to change other people’s lives. This is why the directors of the Robert Pope Foundation want to support other young artists.

    Doug Pope Chair, The Robert Pope Foundation
  • I’d like to say thank you to the Harrison McCain Foundation for inspiring added confidence in my decision to continue learning at NSCAD as a masters student, for investing in my education, and for making it possible for me to explore and pursue any and all of my goals as an artist.

    Annie Onyi Cheung MFA 2014