COVID 19 update: NSCAD University suspends classes for three days this week

Subject: COVID 19 update — NSCAD University suspends classes for three days this week

Sunday March 15, 2020

Dear NSCAD students, faculty and staff,

NSCAD University will suspend all in-person classes for three days this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) to allow the university to prepare to transition to remote and alternative forms of learning.

NSCAD is also suspending access to workshops and studios for this period. We anticipate the library and School Store will remain open.

March Break Camps have also been cancelled.

The goals of this temporary suspension are:

  • To support Senate in reviewing our policy to ensure we have the tools to support disruptions to in-class delivery and the implementation of remote forms of learning across all classes and programs.
  • To prepare faculty, staff and technicians for remote and alternative forms of learning.
  • To establish protocols for studio and workshop use in the context of remote and alternative forms of learning.

Students will receive a form from their professors late Wednesday (March 18) with information on how their courses will be delivered and assessed. NSCAD is working with its Senate and we have ongoing communication with the Department of Public Health and Labour and Advanced Education, who will inform many of the protocols to be established over the course of the next three days of planning.

Although in person classes are suspended, all employees should attend work as usual. Social distancing is encouraged. Work-integrated learning or practicums may continue.

The goal is to continue classes without in-class instruction. Over the next three days NSCAD will be focusing on remote learning and alternative delivery options, campus access planning, security of food and supplies, student housing and financial planning. Please be patient as we do not yet have all of the answers but will issue updates at 12 p.m. each day.

This is an exceptionally difficult and stressful time and we encourage hygiene, sanitation and social distancing. Avoid large groups of people and non-essential travel.

We recognize that there may be challenges for some students and we are committed to assisting to make it possible for everyone to have access to remote learning as best we can. We appreciate your patience and ask that you monitor NSCAD bulletins. We commit to publishing updates at noon daily.

We have postponed the graduation ceremony scheduled for May 11, as well as any and all special events until further notice, including the Student Awards Gala and end of term Fashion Show.

We are finalizing the communication to community now and will share it with you once it is finalized. The latest information on COVID-19 is available here. FAQs for students, faculty and staff are also available.

Thank you.

Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff

Vice President (Academic and Research)

NSCAD University