Cyrus Sundar Singh, visiting artist

Cyrus Sundar Singh
Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018 at 1 PM
NSCAD Academy Campus A208

This is for the class Approaches to Non-Fiction (FILM3305)
Open to all members of the NSCAD Community

Cyrus is a Gemini Award-winning filmmaker, a recipient of the Alan Sheppard Equity and Diversity and Inclusion Award from Ryerson University, and a recent graduate with a Master of Fine Arts (w/Distinction) in Documentary Media. He is also a musician, poet, storyteller, and change-maker pursuing a doctorate in Communications and Culture program. Positioning himself as an AcademiCreActive scholar, Cyrus continues to expand and find cracks in conventional boundaries presenting his research and research-creation projects at numerous local, national and international conferences, workshops, and festivals.

His live documentary project “Africville in Black and White” is presented at the Atlantic Film Festival on Tuesday, Sept 18

Sponsored by the Division of Art History and Contemporary Culture