Donors step up to help NSCAD students

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: during difficult times, you find out who your real friends are. Here at NSCAD, we’ve discovered just how giving and generous our friends are during a time of great uncertainty.

Shortly after the global COVID-19 pandemic forced NSCAD to move all of its programming online, we started the Student Emergency Fund for NSCAD students who were experiencing financial difficulties. We reached out to the NSCAD community for support, and received an overwhelming response.

In addition to monetary donations, we also received a number of encouraging and uplifting messages from our donors. These messages were directed at NSCAD students, faculty and staff, and have served as motivation during these trying times.

Below are just some of the messages we’ve received from donors to the Student Emergency Fund. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared their kind words with us!

If you’d like to donate to the Student Emergency Fund, please click here.

Messages from NSCAD donors

#KeepMakingArt – Dr. Aoife Mac Namara, President, NSCAD University

Where would I be without my Jim Smith ceramics and the luminous paintings by Sara MacCulloch? Both graduates of NSCAD University! – Frances Gregor

Artists attenuate people to the issues of our culture. Let’s nurture our NSCAD students! – Charlotte Marble and Jeff MacLeod

As a former president of SUNSCAD, I know how important it is to support students in need. I miss being directly involved with the school and being able to help in a more hands-on way. Finances are not great for many people right now, so I hope my modest donation helps. – Jessica MacDonald

Creators in Art and Design strengthen our cultural and social fabric. – Judith Leidl

During my years at NSCAD,  this little school at the eastern edge of Canada exposed me to the boundless possibilities of original and creative thought that I carried with me through my further education. Always grateful to be a NSCAD alumna. – Louise Cerveny

I just sold a painting and couldn’t think of a better way to use my profits then donate it to NSCADs students who need it more than I. – Rob Shaw

I really appreciate you doing this for struggling students. I’m currently a student at Dalhousie, after completely my BFA at NSCAD in 2019, so I know personally of those struggles. Even though I cannot give a monthly donation, I will donate what I can, when I can. NSCAD will always be a part of me, and I confidently say that I know you care about its students, that your heart is in the right place. Thank you. – Anonymous

I stand with the students. I’m to give even with the little amount I can to help out. – Kim Frosst

I used to be a proud member of NSCAD student counsel and am more than happy to donate to this cause. Wishing you all safe health. – Crystal Cox

I used to be on NSCAD student council as VP External Affairs (in the 1970s, yes I’m old!) and I’m happy to help you. – Frances Long

May future generations of artists, illustrators, ceramicists, and everything in between be able to focus on their craft and not worry about their bills. – Ashley Pincock

NSCAD University played such an important role in both my and my wife’s lives. We had such a positive experience as students. Hopefully our small contribution will help current students cope with this difficult time. – Eliot and Liz Wright

This donation is in memory of Gloria Langlands, who so enjoyed her film studies at NSCAD.  RIP Gloria. – Pauline and Bruce Barber

The talent and unique perspective of NSCAD students and faculty have brought me joy for years. I attend the shows sales and exhibits. I hope this helps a student rest easier. Please take care. – Colleen Ritchie