Extended Studies offers extensive list of online courses for new and experienced artists

NSCAD University’s School of Extended Studies has unveiled a full package of online spring and summer programs, with a focus on courses for young and emerging artists.

The Art of Creative Writing Online (ESYP-0488-A).

The courses represent several artistic fields and mediums, and can be viewed and registered for, here. Drawing from the strength of creative professionals in our community, classes will take place online with a variety of instructional techniques designed to engage students.

“One thing that has become evident during the pandemic is the value of art and creativity,” said Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff, Vice-President, Academic and Research, NSCAD University. “Our online youth and emerging artist classes are presented through group video discussions, instructor one-on-one feedback, and a mix of live and pre-recorded lessons. Students will be given projects and instruction to help them develop as artists.”

Portfolio Preparation Online (ESUP-0111-A).

NSCAD’s School of Extended Studies is known for offering exciting courses for everyone at every level, from the curious to the professional. Extended Studies offers an array of courses that match students’ interests with their level of experience. In addition to the current offerings, more online content in more artistic mediums is currently in development.

“We welcome everyone who wants to learn more about art, craft and design and to explore the possibilities,” explained Dr. Graff. “Extended Studies courses and certificate programs are a great way to experience art education first hand, and the work students produce can be used as part of a portfolio for entrance to NSCAD.

Extended Studies’ exciting 2020 spring and summer lineup includes:

  • The Art of Design with Ben Rankin – students will learn the process of design thinking and develop a creative and critical lens, while gaining insight and overview into communication, product, environmental, brand identity, and user-experience design.
  • Introduction to Drawing with Sage Sidley – foundational drawing lessons, designed to help grow your observational skills.
  • Art and Math with Sage Sidley – combine art and math principles for truly out-of-the-box lessons. By exploring the powerful relationships between mathematical concepts and artistic creation, these cross-disciplinary lessons will cover topics such as geometry, calculus, and algebra, alongside technical perspective and still life drawing.
  • Portfolio Prep with Anna Sprague and Louis-Charles Dionne – A mix of conceptual art exercises and help in writing post-secondary application letters, this course is open for ages 18+.

For more information on registration, as well as current and upcoming Extended Studies courses, email make@nscad.ca.