NSCAD launching innovative program with help from Halifax Ladies College Alumnae

NSCAD University is preparing to launch a unique certificate program that will support emerging artists and arts workers in acquiring new skills to help them work in art galleries.

“The Anna Leonowens Gallery Certificate in Gallery and Studio Management is something NSCAD is uniquely positioned to offer, and fills a need for emerging artists and those interested in establishing careers in the arts,” said Melanie Colosimo, Director, Anna Leonowens Gallery. “Participants will have access to The Anna’s extensive exhibition archive, as well as an exciting roster of instructors from across the industry who will bring the course content to life. Best of all, participants will gain the skills necessary to begin working in a gallery environment.”

Through 27 modules in five workshops, the program is designed to fill gaps in the practical skill sets of emerging artists and arts workers. The workshops include:

  • Gallery preparation and exhibition design
  • Professional artist toolbox
  • Documentation for artists and galleries
  • Introduction to archives and collections
  • Marketing and promotion for artists and galleries

The new certificate program has received support from the Halifax Ladies College (HLC) Alumnae Society, which will fund three full scholarships for participants enrolled in the course. Each scholarship is valued at $3,000, with scholarship recipients being Nova Scotia residents who have demonstrated financial need, and who intend to complete the program in 12 months.

“We are looking for ways to for the Halifax Ladies College Alumnae to make a last impacting in Nova Scotia, and Canada, aligned with aspects of our education that have been so beneficial in our lives,” said Carla Heggie, President, HLC Alumnae Society. “NSCAD is a perfect school for the HLC alum to partner with and we are happy to be involved with the launch of this new certificate program.”

The Halifax Ladies College was established in 1887 to advance the educational and professional opportunities of Nova Scotian women. Art appreciation was a key element of the education at the school, with its alumnae society continuing to value the role of arts and culture in the community.

NSCAD’s Anna Leonowens Gallery has been operating for 52 years and has installed more than 4,600 exhibitions. Current gallery staff have over 20 years of combined experience working with emerging and professional artists, and maintain relationships with many alumni, artists and arts workers across the globe, several of whom will lend their expertise to the program via instructional sessions.

To learn more about the Anna Leonowens Gallery Certificate in Gallery and Studio Management, including how to apply, please email make@NSCAD.ca.