NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition available online

The NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition, curated by Erin Riehl, is being hosted online @annaleonowensgallery on Instagram and Facebook.

From April 13 to May 15, 2020, join us to celebrate NSCAD’s graduating students with artist features ‪at 10 a.m. and ‪3 p.m. AST daily!

The NSCAD Graduation Exhibition is an annual showcase of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. This exhibition highlights diverse and interdisciplinary approaches by the exhibiting students in a variety of mediums – spanning textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewellery, video and more.

Courtney Turner, BFA @courtneyturnerart⠀
Acrylic paint, burlap, wool & novelty yarn⠀
66 x 96 cm⠀
Photo documentation by Sami Lemperger Art