NSCAD student exhibition: unpunctuated

NSCAD student exhibition: unpunctuated

January 19 – February 11, 2021

Anna Leonowens Window Galleries

1889 + 1891 Granville Street

1894 Hollis Street

-MFA Group Exhibition-

The NSCAD MFA group exhibition, unpunctuated, represents a diversity of practices and content during a time that leaves process and expectations open ended, not unfinished but ongoing – a reflection of the state of flux we all currently experience. As a continuing event, in multiple locations, unpunctuated demonstrates the ability of our practices to adapt and thrive in fluctuating circumstances, despite the obstacles of a pandemic. A story in the process of telling.

Featuring works by:

Jordan Beaulieu, Félix Bernier, Grace Boyd, Sarah Brooks, Justin Carter, Sonia Chow, Suzie Cochrane, Emily Davidson, Ali Dixon, Luke Fair, Megan Fitzgerald, Heidi Friesen, Natalie Goulet, Bonita Hatcher, Takashi Hilferink, Hossein Khodabakhsh, Matthew Kratz, Yifan Liu, Sarah Lucja Ratsoy, Natasha Martel, Christian McGinty, Carrie Phillips Kieser, Marie-Soleil Provençal, Bijan Ramezani, Wiebke Schroeder, Zehua Sun

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