A message to the NSCAD community

Dear NSCAD community,

Earlier today I responded to a student’s post on Instagram. On reflection, I feel it’s important to share that message with our entire NSCAD community.

As president @NSCADUniversity, I want to apologize to everyone who experienced racism of any sort on our campus – for not having done enough, or quickly enough, to create a culture that made you feel safe about calling racist behaviour out. The work of transforming NSCAD into an anti-racism community of learning will be done by all of us, but the responsibility for making that happen is mine. I have been slow in issuing a statement. I am sorry if that has made things worse. Now is not the time to make statements that are not going to be followed by action. I am consulting with students, faculty and labour leaders and, with everyone’s help, I will be able to share a meaningful update on NSCAD’s Anti-Racism Action Plan this Friday, June 5. Those who called on us to take action are, of course, right. We need to take action. Thank you everyone who is already doing so and encouraging others to help make that happen.

Dr. Aoife Mac Namara


NSCAD University