Presented by The Anna: Monday, May 4, 2020

NSCAD 2020 Design Graduation Exhibition

NSCAD’s Interdisciplinary Design graduates of 2020 invite you to visit their online showcase Confluence. The design graduates offer, “To us, confluence means the merging of ideas and disciplines, precisely what the interdisciplinary design program does for its students.”








Media Toolbox (Winter 2020) Online Exhibition 

Student’s in William Robinson’s Media Toolbox course present Uncanny Valley.




NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition

The NSCAD 2020 Graduation Exhibition, curated by Erin Riehl, is being hosted online @annaleonowensgallery on Instagram and Facebook. Join us ‪April 13th through May 15th to celebrate our graduating students with artist features ‪at 10 a.m. and ‪3 p.m. AST daily!

The NSCAD Graduation Exhibition is an annual showcase of work by undergraduate and graduate artists completing their degrees at NSCAD University. This exhibition highlights diverse and interdisciplinary approaches by the exhibiting students in a variety of mediums – spanning textiles, sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewellery, video and more.




NSCAD 2020 Student Art Awards Finalists

NSCAD University has announced the 10 artists who have been shortlisted for its Student Art Awards. Formerly known as the Starfish Student Art Awards, the 2020 NSCAD Student Art Awards recognize and promote exceptional work completed by our students.

The winning artist will be awarded the $5,000 purchase prize for their artwork, which then becomes part of NSCAD University’s permanent collection. The remaining nine finalists will each receive $1,000.

NSCAD will announce this year’s grand prize winner in the fall of 2020. Please join us in congratulating the finalists.




Masters of Art in Art Education Showcase

The Masters of Arts in Art Education online showcase, Partial Anecdotes, is viewable at






Master of Design Showcase

The Master of Design (MDes) online showcase is viewable at

For their exhibition, first year NSCAD Master of Design (MDes) students were inspired by the Nova Scotia government’s 2019 legislation banning single use plastic bags. Students researched the impact of plastics on the environment, drawing from seminar reading and discussion, with a focus on design as a tool to create not only things, but ideas speculating on possible futures. This exhibition is the outcome of their deliberations for their class, MDes 6061 Design Studio Workshop: Ideation, Concept Development and Designing with Professor Marlene Ivey.



Sage Sidley: Proximity, MFA Grad Thesis Website

ReleaseProximity is a representation of Sidley’s research on the intangible transformation of public and semi-public spaces into digital data-harvesting sites and the proliferation of social surveillance practices. Through the scope of drawing, this thesis exhibition explores our digital and physical spatial interactions and the fluctuant roles of the observer and observed.












ART NOW e-publications

Students in Craig Leonard’s Art Now class have produced two e-publications:

Key Concepts (2020)

Art Now Interviews (2020)