Students Tell Their Story

Being a student at NSCAD is life changing. Learn about Ursula Johnson who was the winner of the Sobey Award, 2017 and NSCAD Alumni.


Foundation Studies


Your first year at NSCAD begins with two semesters of Foundation Studies. This experience builds a broad base of knowledge in the visual arts. A prerequisite for further study, Foundation introduces critical thinking, the development of a visual vocabulary, and key concepts and practices in art, craft and design. After exploring a wide range of ideas, approaches, processes and materials, you will be well-equipped to start making choices about where to focus your creative abilities and academic energies in the following years at NSCAD.  Learn More →

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Interdisciplinary Arts


The BFA Interdisciplinary program offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of media and practices in the areas of fine arts, media arts, craft, and design. This program enables you to tailor your studies to your individual interests as an artist. Students will develop a range of skills, knowledge, and techniques that foster crossdisciplinary ways of working. As you engage in the critical discourses of your chosen disciplines, you will gain an understanding of diverse practices and approaches, historical and contemporary issues, and the relationship between conceptual concerns, material, and process.  Learn More →

Student Work

By the final semester, many Photography students exhibit at the university gallery or other local venues.


NSCAD provides extensive facilities for media, crafts and fine art. Students have access to a gang darkroom and individual film processing cubicles, as well as a suite of computers available for digital photographic work, state of the art kilns, a multitude of painting and drawing studios and all the other facilities NSCAD has to offer . Technical staff are available to assist with equipment booking and inquiries.