Eco Art (5-7)


  • Instructor: Salcedo, Camila

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Learn how to make arts and crafts while gaining a consciousness for our environmental impact on the world! During this camp, campers will make art using recycled materials, they will up-cycle old materials to give them a new life and use natural materials as paints and dyes. Students will gain understandings of the importance of taking care of our planet while making beautiful, fun and inventive projects. We will do this through creating minimal waste in our art projects, bringing in materials from home, and sourcing natural and environmentally-friendly materials. Some projects will be individual activities while others will be group on-site installations at the NSCAD Port Campus! This camp includes a specialized workshop at the Discovery Centre.

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P210, 1107 Marginal Road


2019-08-19 to 2019-08-23


Mon Aug 19-Fri Aug 23, 9am-4pm

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