No Sew Fashion (5-7)


  • Instructor: Salcedo, Camila

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In this No-Sew Fashion Class, students will learn how to make garments without the use of a sewing machine through tying, glueing, and other assemblage techniques. During this camp, students will design, create and put together an outfit, including jewellery and accessories. They will gain skills in pattern development, colour combinations, material explorations, sketchbooking, etc! Students will focus on making clothing for their individual tastes and their own body shapes and sizes. We will put together a fashion show at the last day of camp to show other fellow campers their creations!

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P210, 1107 Marginal Road


2019-08-12 to 2019-08-16


Mon Aug 12-Fri Aug 16, 9am-4pm

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