Sea Stars (5-7)


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There is a lot of space between the ocean floor and the stars in the sky, but they do have a lot in common! Are you interested in the creatures that live in the ocean? What about the planets that we haven’t visited yet? In this camp, we will explore the connection between the sea and the stars. During the week, campers will create art inspired by things like hermit crabs, Saturn’s rings, and sea stars (did you know that is the correct name for starfish?). Through hands-on activities, campers will use their imagination and creativity to create projects inspired by some places we havent visited yet: the deep ocean and deep space. This camp includes a specialized workshop at the Discovery Centre.

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P210, 1107 Marginal Road


2019-07-02 to 2019-07-05


Tue July 2-Fri July 5, 9am-4pm

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