Visual Journaling Online (Ages 16 and up )


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In this sketchbook-based course, students will practice a variety of drawing and mixed media skills, using physical and abstract prompts, in order to visually and verbally envision and express personal ideas and themes. Students will be introduced to a variety of exercises, and instructed through several projects, to help them focus on specific approaches using pencil, pen, marker, paint, templates, collage, and even house hold items, to create layers of meaning through, colour, texture, composition, image and words. This course is designed to provide support to students who are interested in trying something new with more of a community-support aspect with others in the class and is ideal for both novice and advanced art students. Skills obtained in this course will benefit students pursuing careers in graphic design, advertising, psychology, art therapy, art education and more.

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2020-07-21 to 2020-08-13


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-3pm

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