Portfolio Preparation Online (Ages 18 and up ) )


  • Instructor: Sprague, Anna

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This online course focuses on improving the overall quality of portfolios required for application to accredited visual arts programs. Topics are based on portfolio requirements for NSCAD University and other national art schools and will include: writing an admissions essay, documenting artwork, and evaluating portfolio content. Studio exercises are process driven, experimental and will help to strengthen problem-solving and observational drawing skills. Each week students will be technically and conceptually challenged by new projects and exercises that are designed to broaden the scope of their portfolio. Students should allot a minimum of 4 hours per week to complete course work. Students will be provided with individual feedback and portfolio recommendations from their instructor. Class limit is 12.

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2020-06-07 to 2020-08-16


Sundays, 6-8pm (no class Aug 2)

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