Abstract Painting


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The class will look at non-objective action painting, as well as abstraction in figures,landscape and still life painting. We will discuss the primary elements that make strong compositions while also broadening students intuitive skills and imagination. This is a good class both for someone who wants to develop their painting skills or expand on the painting skills they already have. Through a series of exercises students will be encouraged to experiment with colour, mark making, composition, structure and different materials. We will be working in black and white, colour and make use of a variety of materials to help students develop their own personal imagery. Each class will begin with a short presentation on different artists use of abstraction. Bring pencils (B range), kneaded eraser, white eraser, 9” x 12” spiral bound mixed media sketchbook, round and flat acrylic brushes, two yogurt containers, old dinner plate for a pallet, papertowel, and two bulldog clips to the first class.

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P210, 1107 Marginal Road


2020-01-29 to 2020-03-11


Wed, 6:30pm-9:30pm

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