Photography II


  • Instructor: Gould, Wesley

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Students will be exposed to tools and techniques beyond standard Film/Digital photography. Topics will include in-depth analysis of various lens characteristics such as “bokeh” and the various forms it can take, advanced use of shutter speed (both extreme high-speed exposures and very long exposure imagery), as well as using vintage lenses and equipment in the digital age and how to safely do so. Other topics include Infrared and UV Photography, advanced composition, and image critiques, and short photo field trips (weather-dependent). Students will need to supply one or both of a working digital SLR or Film SLR and all accessories and media required to operate it for the duration of the class.

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D391 and D393a, 5163 Duke Street


2021-09-23 to 2021-12-09


Thursday, 6:30pm-9:30pm Atlantic (No class Sep 30, Nov 11)

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