Portrait Painting


  • Instructor: Cornell, Vanessa

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This class is an online course open to painters of all levels and will explore the possibilities of portraiture. Participants will learn to create studies of themselves and sitters including, interpreting the physical and three-dimensional into drawing and painting as well as flesh tone colour mixing and detailed studies of facial elements like nose, eyes, lips, ears and hair. Participants can expect to create a range of projects, including quick, timed studies and full portraits to be completed independently and during class time. Lectures and demonstrations will focus on theoretical, historical and contemporary issues that inform portrait painting.

This class is an online class. As such, students are required to have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access during class time. Access to a web camera and microphone is recommended. Additional materials may be required.

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2021-01-27 to 2021-03-10


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