Performance, Costumes and Puppetry (5-8)


  • Instructor: Salcedo, Camila

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During one of the weeks this summer, a small group of three students worked with us to create sets, characters, a script and costumes for their own rendition of a play; using all aspects of their imagination to create a story from scratch. This experience has inspired the creation of this course titled, Performance: Costume and Puppetry. This summer class will act as a basic introduction to the world of various performing arts mediums such as improv, dance, theatre, and performance art. In this course 5-8-year-old students will develop skills in character development, narrative, improvisation and audience-interaction. This will occur through various activities focusing on creating costumes with the use of recycled materials, fabric and other found objects, creating puppetry through overhead projection, shadows, and fabric- manipulation, as well as, set-developing with the use of painting and three-dimensional arts and crafts techniques. Students will work on separate tasks every day to work on the greater goal of putting together a production for their friends and families on the last day of class.

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2018-08-27 to 2018-08-31


Mon to Fr 9:00am-4:00pm 18/08/27 for 1w

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