Introductory Childrens Book Illustration


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From Beatrix Potter to Maurice Sendak, artists have created beautiful illustrations that both delight and captivate the imagination of readers from around the world. In this course, we will introduce you to the world of artistic childrens book illustrations, and get you started on the path of illustrating your own stories. This course will cover the topics of basic drawing skills (line, form, value, etc.), draft development, character design, and more while exploring the mediums of watercolour paints, micron pens, and pencils. Students will create an in-class childrens book illustration page, following what is learned in the earlier sessions. Please bring a range of pencils, a white and kneaded eraser, a ruler and a 9’’x12’’ sketchbook to the first class.

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P203, 1107 Marginal Road


2019-01-31 to 2019-03-14


Thu, 6:30pm-9:30pm

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