Thank you to our 2020-2021 donors!

You give NSCAD and our students the power to create. Thank you for supporting excellence.

Donate Button: Support NSCAD StudentsTo NSCAD’s many donors we extend our heartfelt thanks for your generosity and passion for the work we do.

This has been one of the most challenging years in NSCAD’s long history. Events have demanded that we apply our creativity to an unanticipated situation and our faculty, staff and students have shown their adaptability.

Your gifts have supported many areas of the university, but overwhelmingly, they have been directed to scholarships and bursaries. Thank you for your part in ensuring that the NSCAD experience is available and accessible.

This list includes gifts received April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.

The 1887 Society honors those who, over the course of their giving to NSCAD, have donated $1 million or more.
The 1887 Society celebrates the philanthropic spirit that perpetuates the university.

Margaret & David Fountain
Anonymous Donors
Harrison McCain Foundation

In 1887, the “lady directors” behind the Victoria School of Art and Design sought to create an institution that would have a lasting effect on their city’s cultural life and, at the same time, pay tribute to Queen Victoria in honor of her 50th year on the throne. Civic-minded women such as Anna Leonowens, Mrs. Jeremiah (née Mary Helen Furniss) Kenny, and sisters Ella and Eliza Ritchie believed passionately in the value of an education in art and design. Named in honour of NSCAD’s visionary founders, The Founders Society recognizes those who, over the course of their giving to NSCAD, have donated $100,000 to $999,999.

Alliance Atlantis Communications
Bell Aliant
Roloff Beny Foundation
Estate of Joan Catherine DeWolfe
Estate of Alexander J. McDoanld
Estate of Robert Gray Merritt
Nova Scotia Power
Estate of Marian E. Peters
The Robert Pope Foundation
Power Corporation of Canada
RBC Financial Group
Louis & Marla Reznick
Paul Roy & Margaret McCain Roy
Donald R. Sobey Foundation
Sun Life Financial
TD Bank Group
TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Group
Walker Wood Foundation
William F. White International Inc.
The Windsor Foundation
Anonymous Donors

The Anna Leonowens Legacy Society recognizes and honors friends and members of the NSCAD community who have thoughtfully provided for the university’s future in their estate plans. To become a member of the Anna Leonowens Legacy Society, you need to notify us that your will, trust or life income arrangement provides for NSCAD University.

Estate of Sandra E. Alfoldy
Estate of Irene C. Allin
Estate of Dora Baker in memory of E.M. Murray
Elizabeth Ballentine
Joanne Beaupre
Kathryn Reith Blake
Ira Buhot-Perry
Professor David Burke
Estate of Donald Carstens
Estate of Professor Joyce Chown
Estate of Marie Eileen Curry Donovan
Estate of Joan Catherine DeWolfe
Estate of Shirley B. Elliott
Estate of Professor Gerald Ferguson
Estate of Janet Ferguson
Estate of Allan C. Fleming
Estate of Stephen M. Fleury
Estate of Mary Ena Flynn
Estate of Gertrude Fox in memory
of William Ernest Haverstock
Christine Goudie
Estate of Anne F.L. Hammerling
Richard Hines
Heather A. Johnston
Estate of Ronald J. MacAdam
Estate of Bernadette Macdonald
Christina MacDonald
Estate of A. Murray MacKay
Estate of Thomas & Ethel Pearson MacKenzie
Firth S. MacMillan
Estate of Leslie Bennett Marcus
Estate of Marjorie Marie Matthews
Estate of Alexander J. McDonald
Estate of Ian L. McLachlan
Estate of Robert G. Merritt
Estate of Dorothy B. Meisner
Estate of Marian E. Peters
Estate of Eliza Ritchie
Estate of Effie May Ross
Estate of Esther A. Sharp
Deborah M. Stover
Estate of Marguerite I. Vernon
Estate of Marguerite & LeRoy Zwicker
Anonymous Donors

$50,000 +
TD Bank Group, Wildbrain

$25,000 – $49,999
Harrison McCain Foundation, Walker Wood Foundation, Anonymous Donor

$10,000 – $24,999
Halifax Ladies’ College Alumnae Society, Margaret McCain Roy & Paul Roy, J & W Murphy Foundation, Pam Perkins, Jane Sadler, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Group, Anonymous Donor

$5,000 – $9,999
Ciena Canada Inc.*, The Craig Foundation*, Karen & Kevin Lynch**, Hon. Wilfred P. Moore & Jane A. Ritcey, A. K. Prakash Foundation, Dave van de Wetering**, Anonymous Donor

$2,500 – $4,999
Accountant Staffing, Christine Goudie – Granville Biomedical Inc., Joanne Hames*, Kim Knoll, Rowland C. Marshall***, Dr. Sarah M. McKinnon & Peter J. Dawes, Dave Murphy & Sonia Salisbury Murphy***, SUNSCAD*, Tanabe/Thorne Fund held at the Vancouver Foundation**, Anonymous Donor

$1,000 – $2,499
Frank Anderson***, Katherine Anderson, Stephen Archibald & Sheila Stevenson*** , Michael Arno, Arts Nova Scotia*, William Barker & Elizabeth Church, Sarah McKinnon Charitable Giving Foundation, Marilyn Teasdale Boyd & Patricia Teasdale*, Simon Chang Foundation for Change**, Marco Chiarot*, FUNSCAD**, Neil Forrest & Sheila Provazza*, Janice Fralic-Brown*, Louise Franklin***, Deborah Tambon & Brian Harrison, Kara Holm & Thomas Curran*, Hildur Jónasson & Alex Poole, Barbara Lounder & Robert Bean, Aoife Mac Namara, Mark MacDonald & Dr. Joanne MacDonald, Tim Moore, Nocturne: Art at Night, Nova Scotia Power, Brian & Paulette Oickle*, Bonnie M. Patterson, Jan Peacock & Steve Higgins, Jennifer Pitman, Anonymous Donor

$500 – $999
Vikky Alexander, Truman & Elizabeth Bassett, Nicoletta Baumeister**, Charles W. Bishop, Amelia Carter, Louise Anne Comeau*, Harry Cook, Elizabeth Currie, Julia Drew-Watt, Martine Durier-Copp, Kay Eyland, Judy Farnell, Debby Farnell Rudolph & Tom Rudolph, Charles A.E. Fowler***, Terry Franklin***, Carson Gallagher, Generation Capital, Robert E. Geraghty***, Paul & Mary Goodman*, Jack Graham, Frances & Ronald Gregor, Stephanie Hannon, Tanja Harrison**, Ydessa Hendeles, Grant Hillier, Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan***, Marlene Ivey*, Sculpture Nova Scotia, Kim Kierans, Judith Leidl*, Dean Leland, Alex Livingston & Heather MacLeod***, Margaret McCain, Robin Muller & Paul Dunphy*, Marilyn & Gordon Penley**, Ginny Holland Perkins, Alex Pincock, David Ross, Calla Shank-Hogue, Jeff & Angie Somerville, Southwest Properties Limited, Anna Sprague, Geraldine Sprague, Christopher-Warne Family, Byrne Williams, Anonymous Donor

$250 – $499
Heather Anderson & Aaron Schmidt, John Armour, Ian Austen & Margaret Mahon, Don Ball, Mary Banks, James Barmby, PhD**, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, PhD, Barbara Bickle, Nancy Blanchard-MacDonald*, Ira Buhot-Perry*, Donald Burry, Alison Calder, Ray Champlain, Ian Christie Clark & Nancy Clark***, Brian Clavier*, Alvin Comiter*, Catherine Constable***, Karin Cope & Marike R. Finlay, Luc Courchesne, DaBu Productions Inc., James & Beverly Davies, Joan Dawson*, Jill DeYoung, Deanna Dobrowsky & John Keleris, Leanne Dowe, Melanie Egan, Paula Fairfield, Pauline Gardiner Barber & Bruce Barber, Leslie Gotfrit*, Jennifer Green, Eve Hartling, Diane Hiscox, Zab Hobart, Risa Horowitz, David & Vivian Howard*, Katherine Knight & David Craig*, Catherine B. Lazier, Patricia Leader**, Robert LeBlanc, Craig Leonard, Neal Livingston, Tanya Mars, Maggie Marwah*, Bryan & Gillian Maycock***, Deborah McLean & Robert Parker, Erica Mendritzki & Ufuk Gueray, Lara Minja & Matthias Reinicke**, Johanna Mizgala, MNP LLP, Anonymous Donor, Judith Murphy, Alan & Luann Nesmith, Van & Babs Penick, Cheryl Perkins, Elizabeth Mullaly & Darrel Pink, Vita Plume*, Ann & Jim Read***, Mathew Reichertz, Lynne Rennie & Brian Beck**, J. William Ritchie**, Janet Rothney & Craig Love, Phil Secord & Wendy Salsman, Virginia Stephen, Cheryl Tissington & Faisal Forhart, Martha Townsend, Daniel Turner, Perry Tymeson, Nicholas Wade & Carol Beatty, Rose D. Wilson, Alyce Wright, Mandy Wright, Rebecca Young, Camille Zakharia, Chris Zimmer, Barbara Zimmerman, Anonymous Donor

$100 – $249
Annie Abdalla*, Carol Adderson**, James Adderson*, Abdullah Alfaraj, ANA + ZAC, Steve J. Angel, Valerie Bachynsky, Greg & Susan Bambury**, Doug Bamford, Kara Bargmann, Philip Belitsky, Rick & Viki Bickerton, Andra Birkerts, Mark Blichert, Joy Borman*, Kimberly Brenner, Susan Britton, Derek Brueckner, William Butler, Canadian Typography Archives, The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, Louise Cerveny, Ying-Yueh Chuang, John, Deirdre’ Clark & Family, Naomi Clement, Caryn Colman, Beverly Colpitts, Megan Connors, Leonard & Elizabeth Cook*, Denise Cormier Mahoney, Pamela Cramond-Malkin, John Cummings*, Alan Cutcliffe, Ava Czapalay, Keith Daniels**, Leighton & Arlene Davis***, Keith Dawson, Thierry Delva, Andrea DeYoung & Family, Ford Doolittle, Frances Dorsey, David Drapak, Mary Eaton***, E.S. Elliot, Kathryn Ellis, Howard Epstein, Scott Everingham*, Amanda Farion & Shalon Perry***, Adrian Fish, Marnie Fleming, Judith & Peter Flynn, Graham A. Fowler*, Anke Fox, Katherine Frank, Winnie Fung, Peggy Gale, Leah Garnett, Christopher Garrison, Becky Gartner, Suzanne Gauthier, Anonymous Donor, Steven Dirk Geense, Meghan Gillan, Alex Gillis, Louis Grenier, Sharon Gunn, Chantel Gushue, Cynthia Guzner, Katie Hagan, David Hamilton, Flora Hanitijo, Rebecca Hannon*, Richard Hines, Linda & Tom Horan, Glen Hougan, Kenneth & Wenda Housego, Yoko Irisawa, Emanuel Jannasch, Christopher Johnson, Duane Jones, Sean Kelly*, Bonita Kirby, Leslie Korrick, Ryan Lear, Micah Lexier, Brian Lilley, Eve Llyndorah, Frances Long, Denis Longchamps, Jamie & Marnie Loughery, John Lovas, Anne & Keith Love, M.E. Luka & Brian Downey***, Mona Lynch***, Jessica MacDonald, Robert MacInnis*, Allan MacKay*, Margot Mackay**, Landon Mackenzie, Meredith MacKinlay, Bruce & Peggy MacKinnon**, Laura MacLean, Susan MacLeod, Judith Magee, Sarah Maloney & Ray Cronin, Charlotte Marble & Jeff MacLeod, Ryan McBride, Paul McClure, Morag McGill, Anonymous Donor, Monica McQueen, Brian Meehan, John Merrithew, Jane Milton, Kate Monro, Detta Morrison-Phillips, Daiv Mowbray, Richard Mueller, Tanya Murdoch, Luke Murphy & Laura Mac Donald, Jock & Janet Murray, Wilma Needham, Grace Nickel & Michael Zajac, Robert O’Kell & Arlene Young, Judith Owens, Mauve Pagé, Krista Patterson, Renée Penney, Louise & Donald Pentz*, Belinda Peres, Bernard & Colette Perey, Brian Perkins, David Peters & Rhonda Rubinstein, Steven Peters, Cynthia Petersen, Ashley Pincock, Robert Pincott, Robert Porter*, Gillian Pullen, Henry Purdy*, James Rae, Kathryn Ready, Sethu Reddy, Lelland Reed, Mary Reid, Catherine Renouf-Thompson, Colleen Ritchie, Pamela Ritchie*, Bill Robertson, Karen L.H. Robinson, Dr. Ken Rockwood & Susan Howlett, Fraser Ross, Carla Roth & Merritt Price, Lynne Saintonge & David Taiaroa*, Ilan Sandler, Leslie Sasaki, Ruth Scheuing*, Kevin Schwenker, Daphne Scott, Christopher Sears & Debra Elmhirst, Mary Seeman, Glenn, Caitlin & Morgan Shaw, Robbie & Jean Shaw, Rob Shaw, Laura Siddiqui, Kristin Sinclair*, Anisa Skuce, Brian & Colleen Sloan***, Katie Smith, Kye-Yeon Son**, Bruce Sparks, CSL, Kay Stanfield, Bruce & Diana Stavert, Sarah Stevens, Robert Storr, Grant Tomchuk, Anna Torma, Diane Tye, Marthe Vary, Philippa Verrier, Ericka Walker, Lynn Walker*, Jayne Wark, John & Judy Washbush*, Barb Weatherbee, Kimberlee West, Susan Willmott*, Lisa Wood, Peter Wünsch, Stephanie Yee, Carl Youngbluth, Michelle Zareski, Joyce Zemans, Anonymous Donor

Under $100
Gary Aitchison, Jacinte Armstrong, Amy Arnold, Artech Camps Canada, Oksana Atwood, Auguste Comtent Imc, Kjerstin Baldwin, Jordan Baraniecki, Christine Barbour*, Elissa Barnard, Joyce Baxter, Ann & James Beasant, Zola Belanger, Ann Bernier, Jack F. Bishop, Kathryn Reith Blake*, Karen Bondarchuk, Curtis Botham, Lorène Bourgeois, Chad Bowie, Meaghan Brierley, Stephen Brookbank, J Brooks, Matthew Brown, Stefanie Bruce, Shelley Burke, Erin Callahan St. John, Wendy L. Cameron, Gary Castle, Brigitte Clavette, Melanie Colosimo, Denis Connor, Jenny Costelo**, Ingrid Coughlin*, Crystal Cox, Kim & Charlie Cristo, Sheilagh Crowley, Diane Daniels, Holly DeWolf, Shannon Donovan, Joseph Elia, Kim Farmer, Michelle Faubert, Keith Fillier*, Eric Fischl & April Gornik, Joan E. Gallant, Jamie Wilson Goodyear, Mary Graham, Donna Green, Cheryl A. Greenberg, Nancy Greenlaw, Peter E. Haaren, Sherene Hall-Stevens, Leesa Hamilton, Elizabeth Hanton, Sian Harris, Joshua Harrower, Bryan Hartlin***, Linda Hawke, Anna Heywood-Jones, Edith Hicks, Valery Hill, Gail Hodder, Elizabeth Holloway, Shiralee Hudson Hill, Audrey Hurd, Raluca Iancu, Mark & Navarana Igloliorte, Peggy Issenman, Dorothy Jackson*, Stephen Jeffrey, Treva Jeffries, Ingrid Jenkner, David Johnson, Andrew Kear, Marie Kettle, Alison Knott, Ron Kuwahara, Deb Kuzyk, Andrée Lachance, Jean Langley, Clare Larson, Selina Latour, Alex Levy, Lori Litvack**, Ross Lloy & Charlene Cable, Bill & Stella Lord, Preben G. Lordly, Christina MacDonald, Clarke MacDonald***, Suzanne MacDonald, Marilyn MacKinlay & Ian MacKinlay, Joel MacLeod, Dawn MacNutt & Merle Pratt, Laura MacNutt, Kenna Manos*, Jenna Marks, Meagan Mather, John Mathews, Verity Maxwell, Ramona Mazur, George McCutcheon & Ingrid C. Koenig, Jim & Jean McGinis, Faye McIntyre, Carol Miller & Stephen Hill, Sarah Mitchell, Alison Molloy, François Morelli, Laurie Morris, Bridget Moser, Owen Murray, Elliot Mussett, Tony Myers, Peter Nelson, Jyri Niemi, Kate O’Connor, Declan O’Dowd, Aisling O’Flanagan, Christine Oreskovich, Frances Ornstein & Frederik Wendt*, Diane Palmeter, Lori Pauli, Holly Peterson, Susan Pond, Peter Powning, Nadine Purdy, James Quinn, Andrea Rahal**, Friederike Rahn, Mike Ralph, Karen Ramsland***, Kelli (Randall) Janson, Rachel Reeve, Thea Reid, Joelle Renzi, Sabrina Richard, Bernard Riordon & Lillian Riordon*, Violet Rosengarten, Kristi Sangster, the Small Monsters, Stephan Schulz, Alison Seary, Alec Shepley, Gregory B. Silver, Greg Sims, Erica Small-Coffee, Carol Smeraldo, Alisa Snyder, Constance & Erik Spek, Chris Straetling, Leesa Streifler, Margaret R. Sylvester, Calvin Taplay, Neal G. Thomas, Robyn Thomas, Randy & Deborah Townsend*, Monika Urbaniak, Betsy & Howard Van Allen, Karina Van Der Linden, Jeremy Vaughan, Lorna & Carmichael Wallace, Kevin & Lynn Waller, Emily Wareham, Kirk Warren, Sara Washbush, Rena Waters, Jessica Wiebe, Charlotte Wilson-Hammond, Amy Wood, Jennifer Woodley, Eliot & Liz Wright, Ke Zhu, YYZ, Anonymous Donor

* 2 to 4 years consecutively ** 5 to 9 years consecutively *** 10 or more years consecutively

Donna Green, Jenny Lane, Robin Muller & Paul Dunphy, Spectacle Communications Group, Tom Spence, William F. White International Inc.

This year many gifts to NSCAD were made in celebration of, and in memory of, the following individuals.

In memory of Sandra Alfoldy: Amy Arnold, Kara Bargmann, Meghan Gillan, Tanja Harrison, Robert MacInnis, Robin Muller & Paul Dunphy, Dave Murphy & Sonia Salisbury Murphy, Jan Peacock & Steve Higgins, Karen L.H. Robinson, Anonymous Donor

In honour of Wanda Thomas Bernard: Dawn MacNutt & Merle Pratt

In memory of Marion Bond: Henry Purdy

In memory of Lou Cable: Carol Adderson, James Adderson, Alan Cutcliffe, Ross Lloy & Charlene Cable, Bruce & Peggy MacKinnon, Dr. Ken Rockwood & Susan Howlett

In memory of Dr. Elizabeth Connor: Denis Connor

In memory of Lyell Cook: Leonard & Elizabeth Cook, Jenny Costelo

In honour of Aimee Carroll: Glenn, Caitlin & Morgan Shaw

In memory of Professor Emeritus Joyce Chown: Ruth Scheuing

In memory of Audrey Côté St-Onge: Lynne Saintonge & David Taiaroa

In honour of Reagen Dewolf: Holly DeWolf

In memory of Carl Drew: Julia Drew-Watt

In memory of James & Jean Dukelow: Kim Knoll

In memory of Teto Elsiddique: Elizabeth Currie

In memory of Cliff Eyland: Gary Aitchison, Joyce Baxter, Rick & Viki Bickerton, Derek Brueckner, Alison Calder, John, Deirdre’ Clark & Family, Andrea DeYoung & Family, Jill DeYoung, Robin Muller & Paul Dunphy, Joseph Elia, Kay Eyland, Michelle Faubert, Marnie Fleming, Judith & Peter Flynn, Neil Forrest & Sheila Provazza, Winnie Fung, Pauline Gardiner Barber & Bruce Barber, Elizabeth Hanton, Jan Peacock & Steve Higgins, Risa Horowitz, Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan, Emanuel Jannasch, Treva Jeffries, Christopher Johnson, Marie Kettle, Kim Kierans, Katherine Knight & David Craig, Leslie Korrick, Deb Kuzyk, Jean Langley, Alex Livingston & Heather MacLeod, Barbara Lounder & Robert Bean, Anne & Keith Love, Marilyn MacKinlay & Ian MacKinlay, Laura MacNutt, Ryan McBride, George McCutcheon & Ingrid C. Koenig, Morag McGill, Faye McIntyre, Erica Mendritzki & Ufuk Gueray, Laurie Morris, Bridget Moser, Grace Nickel & Michael Zajac, Robert O’Kell & Arlene Young, Judith Owens, Jan Peacock & Steve Higgins, Cheryl Perkins, Pam Perkins, Kathryn Ready, Mary Reid, Janet Rothney & Craig Love, Jane Sadler, Leslie Sasaki, Christopher Sears & Debra Elmhirst, Alec Shepley, Leesa Streifler, Anna Torma, Diane Tye, Nicholas Wade & Carol Beatty, Christopher-Warne Family, Kirk Warren, Jessica Wiebe, Byrne Williams, Lisa Wood, Anonymous Donor

In memory of Amy Farnell: Debby Farnell Rudolph & Tom Rudolph

In memory of Bruce W. Ferguson: Eric Fischl & April Gornik

In memory of Kelly Franklin: Louise Franklin, Terry Franklin, Bryan Hartlin

In memory of Mickey Handy: Ingrid Jenkner

In honour of Rebecca Hannon: Stephanie Hannon

In memory of Roy O. Hartling: Vikky Alexander

In memory of Linda Harvey: Anonymous Donor

In honour of Audrey Hesson: Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan

In memory of Shawn Jackson: Bryan & Gillian Maycock

In memory of Janice Kun: Daniel Turner

In memory of Hiroshi Kuwahara: Ron Kuwahara

In memory of Gloria Langlands: Pauline Gardiner Barber & Bruce Barber

In memory of David Lanier: Nicholas Wade & Carol Beatty

In honour of Anne-Marie Leidl: Judith Leidl

In honour of Isobel Leidl Wilson: Judith Leidl

In memory of Homer Lord: Nancy Blanchard-MacDonald

In memory of Tony Mann: David Peters & Rhonda Rubinstein

In memory of Heather J. McCormick: Truman & Elizabeth Bassett, Ann & James Beasant, Beverly Colpitts, Kim & Charlie Cristo, Generation Capital, Paul & Mary Goodman, Mary Graham, Judith Magee, Margaret McCain, Jim & Jean McGinis, Jennifer Pitman, Katie Smith, Nicholas Wade & Carol Beatty, Barbara Zimmerman, Anonymous Donor

In memory of Eunice & Arthur Merrithew: John Merrithew

In honour of Raymond & Cecile Michaud: Louise Cerveny

In memory of David Ira Miller: Aida E. Arnold

In memory of David Murphy: Frank Anderson, John Armour, Philip Belitsky, Sheilagh Crowley, DaBu Productions Inc., Keith Dawson, Howard Epstein, Pauline Gardiner Barber & Bruce Barber, Alex Gillis, David Hamilton, Linda & Tom Horan, Jean Langley, Hon. Wilfred P. Moore & Jane A. Ritcey, Judith Murphy, Marilyn & Gordon Penley, Bernard & Colette Perey, Robert Pincott, Susan Pond, Mike Ralph, Sethu Reddy, Bill Robertson, David Ross, Kevin Schwenker, Mary Seeman, Bruce & Diana Stavert, Sarah Stevens, Philippa Verrier, Kevin & Lynn Waller, Rose D. Wilson, Amy Wood, Jennifer Woodley, Michelle Zareski, Anonymous Donor

In memory of Valerie O’Brien: Kara Holm & Thomas Curran, Cheryl Tissington & Faisal Forhart

In honour of Walter Ostrom: Joy Borman

In memory of Ben Patterson: Rebecca Hannon, Anna Sprague, Geraldine Sprague, Anonymous Donors

In memory of Marie Peacocke: Mona Lynch

In memory of Dr. Harold Pearse: Don Ball, Richard Mueller, Virginia Stephen

In memory of Peg Powning: Peter Powning

In memory of Mary Ritchie: Colleen Ritchie, Rena Waters

In memory of Mark Sark: Aoife Mac Namara

In memory of Edie Silver: Judy Farnell

In honour of Michelle Sylliboy: Nocturne: Art at Night

In memory of Doris Evelyne Teasdale: Marilyn Teasdale Boyd & Patricia Teasdale

In memory of Theodore Saskatche Wan: Katherine Anderson

In memory of James B. Watson: Marlene Ivey

In memory of Robert “Wick” Wikstrom: Brian & Paulette Oickle

In memory of Virginia Wright: Mandy Wright

In memory of Jennifer Zimmer: Auguste Comtent Imc, Linda Hutchison & Robert Mullan, Anonymous Donor

In honour of the class of 1980: John Merrithew

NSCAD University values all gifts and makes every effort to maintain accurate records. Please contact  if correction is required for subsequent donor recognition.

Thank you to our donors: gifts received April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022.