The Vision

The Institute will help advance social justice by interrogating the histories of European colonization of the Americas and recovering the cultures, experiences, lives, and resistance of the enslaved peoples in Canada.

The Mission

The Institute will facilitate, promote, and disseminate research on Canadian Slavery and comparative research between the regions which became Canada and other nations or colonies.

The Institute will fund opportunities for professors, scholars, and artists to pursue this research in a supportive academic and cultural environment that promotes formal and informal learning, networking, and collaboration.

The Institute will advance the general public’s understanding of the complex histories of Canadian Slavery and its legacies through access to programs, workshops, conferences, film screenings, and art exhibitions to reinforce the broader societal value of the Institute’s work.

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The life of a nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.”

Frederick Douglass, formerly enslaved, self-liberated man, abolitionist, born in Maryland, USA (1818 – 1895)