NSCAD Board of Governors approves tuition increase for 2019-20 fiscal year

At its June 27, 2019 meeting, NSCAD University’s Board of Governors made a carefully considered decision to increase tuition by three per cent for the 2019-20 fiscal year. This decision was necessary to ensure operational effectiveness and to continue to provide a valuable and competitive educational experience.

In order to help mitigate the impact of tuition costs, NSCAD has:

  • Increased total student assistance funding by $100,000;
  • Kept student fees steady, including the technology renewal fee and facility renewal fee;
  • Invested in onsite counselling and software enhancements for student advising, support and wellbeing;
  • Explored additional cost saving measures, including renegotiating supplier contracts;
  • Estimated over $600,000 in scholarships and bursaries, including the Creative Innovators of Tomorrow bursaries, which covers full tuition for five entering students;
  • Maintained the ability to provide 24/7 studio access for students, which is a unique benefit of the NSCAD experience

Though tuition fees have increased for both undergraduate and graduate students throughout the country, the actual cost paid by students varies depending on available grants and financial assistance. With various bursaries, scholarships and awards available, less than 40% of NSCAD students pay the posted tuition rates. We encourage students to access the resources available should they need them.

For more information, including frequently asked questions, visit https://tagon4.ca/scholarships-and-tuition-faq.