Winter term 2021

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Registration for winter 2021 semester courses is still open! We are excited to welcome students to continue their academic journeys through more than 160 high quality digital courses across all disciplines at NSCAD.

As we previously shared with you, the winter semester will be delivered online from January 4 to April 23, 2021 using synchronous, interactive and video-captured learning approaches.

Regular classes begin Monday, January 18 following  two weeks dedicated to training and workshop sessions designed to give students confidence and capacity to successfully navigate university life during a pandemic.

A full list of the online winter courses is available here

Click here to register for an online course. Once you are signed in, follow these step-by-step instructions.

If you’re not yet a NSCAD student, click here to send us an email about the courses for which you’d like to register.

We’re committed to continuously improving our online instruction to ensure our students experience growth and success as emerging artists. We’ve adapted our digital practices based on insight from student focus groups, and faculty and instructor panels, and we’ll keep making our digital course offerings better through this invaluable feedback. Students have generally rated their online educational experience positively noting that they have exceeded expectations.

To maintain this positive momentum and help prepare everyone for a safe and inclusive winter semester, we are using the first two weeks as opportunities to share orientation and training for all students, faculty and staff.

The week of January 4 will focus on orientation for new students, online learning strategies and occupational health and safety training. The following week will feature training for everyone on anti-oppression and sexual violence prevention. We are also enhancing our support for student wellness and mental health through the work of our Peer Mentors, led by NSCAD Director of Opportunity and Belonging DeRico Symonds. Regular classes will officially begin on or after Monday, January 18, 2021.

Other notable features for the semester include:

I am very proud of the hard work and collaboration everyone demonstrated throughout the pandemic to keep growing NSCAD’s extraordinary impact on the world art, craft and design.

I am confident that we will thrive by remaining stronger together.

All my best,


Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff

Vice President (Academic & Research) and Provost

NSCAD University